This Agency Landing Page Framework is Getting my Clients an EXTRA 5+ Qualified Sales Calls Per Month

And that's not even the best part.

I'm going to give a full breakdown of how each section works.

Now, I don't have a video for this.

So, hopefully, your dopamine-fried brain can keep your attention for the next 9-12 minutes.

To be honest (and a little narcissistic) there are a ton of little value pieces spread throughout this page.

This is what you're going to learn:

  • How to structure a conversion-focused landing page

  • What's the most important info to have and how to present it

Here's the link to the full Figma File if you want to take a look.

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Now with the CTA's out of the way, here's the website framework:

The Navigation

The Navigation isn't the most important part of the landing page, but its function is still important. Includes a call to action and allows the prospect to find exact information.

(Promise this guide gets more interesting)

Tip: Don't put social media links in the header. The key is to try and convince a prospect to click one single CTA.

Heading, Subheading, VSL


For B2B businesses specifically, it's best to write an exact metric you can get for a client in the headline with a risk reversal to make it a no-brainer offer.

Exact metrics examples: "Make you $20k in 30 days", "Add 10k followers to your Instagram in 15 days", etc.

Risk reversal examples: "Or your money back", "Or you don't pay", "Or we work for free until you're satisfied"

Tip: Make sure you're actual able to achieve the metric and timeframe you say in the headline, or else this completely invalidates your offer and will instantly turn-off a potential lead

Video Sales Letter:

If you don't know what a VSL is, search it up.

Now that you know what it is, here's what's important.

You're VSL should be your landing page in video form. Take this framework and convert it into a presentation (Google Slides, Gamma, Powerpoint, etc.).

Better yet, film yourself and get an editor to add some fancy animations. Add some personality to it.

People fucking love watching videos instead of reading (ironic, I know) and will ultimately have a better chance of clicking your CTA.

There is absolutely no case where having a VSL is going to lower your conversion rate.

Tip: Treat this like a YouTube video and you're trying to get as many views as possible. Make a thumbnail that you would click on when watching YouTube videos from your favorite agency guru.

Tip 2: Buy a high-quality microphone (like $70+ dollars) to record the voice-over. Low quality audio subconsciously makes the prospect hate you and everything you stand for.

Call to Action:

Add a call to action.

Call to Action Examples: "Book a Call", "Apply Today", "Get Started", etc.

Below this CTA, add social proof or urgency to urge the prospect to click the button.

Social Proof Examples: "Trusted by 12 Active Agencies", "We've Generated $20M in 2023", etc

Urgency Examples: "2 client spots left before Q4", "Limited spots available", etc.

Trust Bar

Simple. Like everything else on the landing page, it's all about social proof.

The longer you've run an agency, you've likely worked with bigger names.

Bigger names are likely to be recognized, which equals instant trust.

And even if you don't have big names, it's still proof that you've worked with clients in the prospect's exact niche, therefore you could get them results too.

Pain Points

You've been on enough sales calls - cut straight to the point in this section and really press whatever brought the prospect to check out your website.

Add three to five points.


Like it says in the title, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT SECTION.

Most people will focus 80% of their attention on first 20% of your landing page.

You've just pressed their pains in the section above - this is your chance to prove you are the exact solution to your problem and no one else is better than you are.

This is where you're fulfillment and competence comes in.

The better results you have, the better chance you have of the prospect clicking your CTA.

I personally prefer to present the highlight of the success you've generated instead of an entire novel of the before and after.

However, if you're service is more complicated, it might be better to add more information than less.

If you have just a ton of case studies, don't be afraid to have a section dedicated to just case studies (like a blog section).

Tip: Do good work, get more clients


Make an argument about why the prospect should work with you. If you have specific benefits of working with you vs. your competitors, showcase it. Keep it brief.


The more testimonials you have, the better.

Client interviews are the best, but written testimonials or videos work amazing as well.

If you have a lot of testimonials, take the best ones (or from the biggest clients) and spread them throughout the landing page. It doesn't need to be limited to one section.

Tip: If you get a video interview or testimonials, follow the 80/20 rule. Ask them what exact metric you got for them, where they were before, and where they are now after working with you - before any other questions.


Aside from the social proof, this is the biggest part in differentiating yourself from the competition.

This is really important for services that are in a saturated niche like an ecom email marketing agency for example.

There's probably a specific part of your process that's unique. If there isn't, explain why you do a certain part better than others.

Really dig into your process and extract the sauce.

Tip: Like most sales, explain how it's going to help their problem, not how it works step-by-step. Save that part for when they get on a sales call 😉

About Us (Optional)

Once again, this is a chance to show how you're different and tell your story.

If you were the first employee at a multi-million dollar agency who was running into issues with operations, fixed everything, and decided to start an agency of their own to help others with that exact issue - great.

Or you were a brand owner who got a ton of success with Google Ads and saw it was an undersaturated service within e-commerce niche.


Success Screenshots (Optional)

This section is supplemental but still falls under the social proof category. And as we know, social proof is the most important aspect to get prospects on a sales call.

Success Screenshot examples: A SmartLead or Instantly screenshot showing you booked qualified 24 calls for a clients in one month, a Slack screenshot of a client saying "Wow, this looks amazing", a Meta Ads dashboard of 24x ROAS, etc.

Do whatever works for your niche.

Main CTA

This is the final value statement. Voice exactly what the client wants and put your Calendly or TypeForm on the side.

Tip: To avoid unqualified calls coming though, make sure to ask qualifying questions on your Calendly. If you need inspiration, check out your competitors Calendly and see what type of questions they're asking.


This is a severely underrated section.

Think about the FAQ section like you're objection-handling on a sales call - before the sales call.

Put 5-10 of the client's biggest worries/objections and answer them exactly how you would when speaking to them.

As I mentioned before, if it's a more complicated service, add more objections/answers.

If they decide to book a call after this, there's a better chance they will have less objections, which equals an easier close.

Second CTA

Like it says on the graphic, re-iterate your original offer with the risk-reversal attached.

If they've read through the entire landing page, this is likely what's going to catch them. They know all of the information, and if what you've presented is good enough - they will book a sales call.



There's not much to say about the footer. Just make sure you have it, as it adds a professional look.

If you're active on other social media platforms, this is the place to add your links - not the navigation.

Other sections

Content Sections: Email graphics, TikTok videos, YouTube videos, etc.

More Social Proof: As I mentioned above, the more social proof the better. Add more case studies and testimonials. Always be updating this.

YouTube Section: If your service is complicated or the sales cycle is generally longer, it doesn't hurt to direct them toward your most helpful YouTube videos. If you can get the prospect indoctrinated to your long-form content, the chances of them becoming a client skyrockets.

Tip: YouTube is a snowball. Post and don't expect immediate value.

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